Friday, October 14, 2016

Heart Breaker .. with Stuck?! Sketches

A little while ago I was asked to be a guest designer at Stuck?! Sketches for the first sketch this month. I cannot believe it has taken me until mid month to actually post about it. What a thrill!

Heart breaker
some close ups

The first sketch for the month was seriously awesome. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it but confess I got stuck! Maybe it was the orientation of my photos or that I added an extra photo? Honestly? I think it was the flowers. I love flowers and have a seriously (un)healthy collection of them, but it was absolutely the flowers. Its funny though that about three weeks after I created the layout I can look back at it, and like it. Does anyone else find that with some of their pages?

Anyways, here is Stuck?! Sketches seriously awesome sketch ..

Doesn't it just grab you straight away? It did me. You can find all the details for Stuck?! Sketches first sketch of the month HERE. Thanks for the honour girls!
Happy scrapping!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Hilarious .. with Scrapping Clearly

I was on the hunt for sketches on challenge and shop blogs last weekend and came across a new one for me (I think) .. Scrapping Clearly, a shop which until now has passed under my radar! (Must do something about that.) Anyways on my list of potential challenges to play with this month I had written beside Scrapping Clearly "gorgeous sketch" so of course I had to use it.

close ups

I mixed things up a bit because I wanted to use a larger photo, but the sketch is definitely there in my layout. Initially I loved the layout of the banner, title, journaling and single embellishment cluster. I also loved the simplicity of the dots which really could be anything. I had anticipated in my head my layout looking exactly like the sketch LOL but heh, its a creative process right?!

If you also think this sketch is "gorgeous", why not give it a go? You can find all the details you need HERE.

Happy scrapping!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Harry who? .. with Stuck?! Sketches

I had the chance to scrap last weekend (no study and no puppy [Harry] care) and fancied giving a sketch or two a go. I headed over to Stuck?! Sketches, found an awesome sketch, and created this.

Harry who?
some close ups

I haven't followed the sketch exactly but it's definitely there. I used one longer photo rather than two square ones and may have moved my embellishment cluster, but otherwise I stuck pretty much to it, I think. LOL! Anyways I loved the sketch and its made the perfect 'title page' for Harry's scrapbook.

If you like scrapping with sketches, you can find the details of  Stuck?! Sketches' August 2016 challenge HERE.

Happy scrapping peeps!

From sunrise to sunset .. with Show Us Your Stuff

As mentioned in my earlier post, I got to scrap last weekend. Yay!!!!!! I love challenge blogs. I think we all know that about me. Yeah? That I love scrapbooking challenges. Well this month the girls over at Show Us Your Stuff had a doozey of a challenge. Use ugly paper. I know I have plenty of that in my stash. What about you?

From sunrise to sunset
some close ups

My 'ugly' papers were the honeycomb pattern from Authentique and the grey and lemon floral design from Sassafras. So as we know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Yes? Well I once really liked these papers. I went through a grey and yellow phase. It didn't last as long as I thought it would and I fell out of love with the colour combo, and thought the floral paper was a bit granny-like. Oh and I loved my grandma so no disrespect to grannies LOL!  ;)

I decided not to disguise the papers with a white wash as their tones actually perfectly suited a photo of my niece I've been itching to scrap. Also, I have a small-ish box on my scrap desk where I put bits and pieces as I find them. The handmade fabric flower I made eons ago was in there. So was the kraft barcode and resin flower. I decided they'd work so threw them into the mix. Next up was using a new die I'd been aching for, which arrived last week. You know what I'm talking about yeah? Yeah LOL, I know you do! So I die-cut some scribbly roses and they kind of fell into place, and absolutely not where I had intended to use them. Okay so that bit's a lie LOL! Well not really. Maybe a little. And now I'm rambling.

If you have ugly papers in your stash, why not give this challenge a go? You can find all the details you need HERE.

Happy scrapping peeps.

Explore .. with 123

Sandy was here last weekend, GB took the weekend off to take over Harry duties, and I got to scrap, and relax, and it was wonderful. I decided to take on a few challenges and 123 was up first.

close ups ..

The challenge is open until the end of the month so there's still plenty of time to get your entry done. You can find all the details HERE.

Incidentally, yeah I had some troubles with my 'squares'. Most of my patterned papers were cut into squares but then when I used them for layering they kinda lost their 'square' look. Oops. Its the thought that counts yeah? That's what my mum used to tell me. LOL!

Happy scrapping.

Monday, June 13, 2016

#happy .. with Scrap Africa

Have you ever set out to create a layout you could picture perfectly in your head, and it turns out completely different to how you imagined it? That happened here.


Scrap Africa have a 'to die for' mood board for their challenge this month. Divine colours and fabulous photos. I was inspired by the circles in the mood board .. the plate and the macaroons .. and the soft, warm, pastel colours.

Originally this layout was going to be full on mixed media. It seems like such a long time since I really got messy. Then it was going to be clean. It looked fabulous clean but I couldn't help myself LOL, and a little Bo Bunny Glitter Paste kinda just fell on.

The challenge also includes a quote .. If you can learn from hard knocks, you can also learn from soft touches. Its the kind of quote that makes you stop and think, reflect on life and the lessons learned. It hit far too deeply for me to scrap about myself, but this beautiful photo of my niece was perfect, and having shared stories, well I knew I had to scrap it. Thanks for the inspiration Scrap Africa!

Do you like warm pastels? Maybe macaroons? Does the quote resonate with you? Perhaps you too want to play along with Scrap Africa this month? You can find all the details you need HERE.

Happy scrapping!

Legless at noon .. with Show Us Your Stuff

The challenge this month at Show Us Your Stuff grabbed me from the minute I read it. Use an 'abandoned' (from your stash) item? I can do that!

Legless at noon

There was a sketch involved as well, which I loosely, somewhat cryptically, followed. Some ideas for the 'abandoned' items included eyelets, twine, hessian, charms, ribbons, rub-ons, brads, button, stickers, and pearls/rhinestones.

My 'abandoned' items included hessian, ribbon and rub-ons, as well as photo corners, Mod Design dots (I guess they're a cross between a decorative brad and an enamel dot, but before their time LOL!), Basic Grey Bling It (the rhinestone flowers), MME borders from old 12x12 patterned paper, a Heidi Swapp flower, some old-ish Thickers and Studio Calico bow, and finally, patterned paper from the Basic Grey Marrakech collection. What a lot of old stuff, and fun!

Cutting up photo corners to use as arrows is one of my favourite things to do lately. I've now idea how, but I seem to have accumulated quite a stash of photo corners, and that's just the every day kind! I can't wait until I come across my old Heidi Swapp photo corners in my stash one day. Meanwhile I'm a bit bummed with the way my layout turned out. (Insert sad face LOL.) It was my intention to tone down the patterned paper with diluted gesso and was gutted (almost) when I remembered, and it was too late. But now, I look at this bright, cheery layout and I smile. (Insert happy face.) It was such a happy day.

So, I know you're itching to give the current challenge at Show Us Your Stuff a go, and so go on, I dare you! You can find all the details HERE.


Seriously?! .. with Kraft Plus

So, I haven't been scrapping much lately because I've been studying, and then this happened ..

Harry ..

Harry was 12 weeks old when he came to live with us. He's a Kelpie x 'mix' and was adopted from a pet rescue group. He was rescued from a puppy farm where he had serious health problems which had been left untreated. Of the entire litter, he was the last to be adopted. I think most people were put off by his health problems and that he was the runt of the litter. I tell you though, he may have been the runt but he has a huge (like really big LOL) personality! So anyways, taking care of this little one's health and behavioural issues has been a full time job so I confess, not much of anything has been done. Even blogging. And sleeping. But right this minute, he and our other dog Bear, are annoying the cr@p out of my GB who is trying to catch up on some sleep. He he he. So I'm stealing the opportunity to have some 'me' time and blog!

Anyways last weekend (not this weekend just gone), my girlfriend Sandy came over to scrap for the weekend. Three days of uninterrupted bliss distractions by Harry, and Sandy scrapped something like 27 layouts whilst I managed a meagre three. LOL. This is one of them.


I was inspired to create this layout by the current Kraft Plus challenge which is to use jigsaw puzzle piece(s) on your layout. The challenge was particularly relevant to my photo of Bear in his new winter coat as the puzzled expression on his face said it all.

At first I thought working with the puzzle pieces was going to be really difficult. Thankfully I still had my Big Shot Puzzle Die. Does anyone else remember the good old blue Big Shot Thick Cut dies? I dragged it out, cut 27,000 jigsaw pieces out of kraft cardstock and spare photos, and figured I'd use them as part of my background. Like I would with any other shapes like, say, circles. I think it worked. Anyways I had a bit of fun, relaxing and throwing all sorts of materials on my layout, once I found my groove.

You can find all the details for this month's Kraft Plus challenge HERE. Go on, give it a go. I know you want to.


Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Selina .. with Show Us Your Stuff

Now for something a little (a lot? LOL) different from me. The challenge this month at Show Us Your Stuff is to "get creative with stamps". I've had an idea brewing in the back of my mind forever and this seemed the perfect opportunity (and photo) to play with it.


I'm generally terrible at white space. Seriously can not do it. I envy those who can pull it off so effortlessly. This came together pretty quickly though. Whether that's because there's actually not much on it or because I had a strong vision in my mind of how I wanted it to look, I'm not sure. But I suspect it was the latter because despite its simplicity, it still took quite a while to pull together.

We all have, most likely, a gazillion stamps in our stash, old and new (mine is an ancient [LOL] Autumn Leaves stamp) so why not get a few out and see what you can do with them. You can find all the details for the latest Show Us Your Stuff challenge HERE.

Happy scrapping peeps ..

Mel .. with Charms Creations

I was scrapping on the weekend with a girlfriend (heh Sandy!) who is quite mad about Charms Creations' embellishments (she's on the DT too LOL).  I confess once upon a time I too was quite crazy for them, and amassed something of a collection one might say. I haven't used them in a long, long time but watching my girlfriend using them over and over whenever we get together to scrap, I decided to get out my stash on the weekend. Then my girlfriend told me about the current challenge over on the Charms Creations FB page. To scrap lift one of the DT members. So up my alley. I love scrap lifting and haven't done it in a really long time. It was exactly what I needed.


I've scrap lifted one of Belinda Spencer's layouts. You can find her layout HERE. I've rotated her layout 90 degrees to the right and kept her triangular format much the same and was delighted to find I had the same chipboard leaves as she had used, in my stash. I've used some 'vintage' Charms Creations' embellishments here so please bear with me. Once upon a time Charm used to make varying sizes doilies; I've used half a 4" one on the left of my photo. Then I pulled a lush (?) lollipop apart. I needed the colour of the crochet doily base for the right side of my photo. The bonus of pulling one apart means I now have two embellishments, the second of which I'll use at a later date! I've also used a regular lollipop in the same colour range as Belinda's. I love how this layout came together.

This was a seriously fun challenge and I highly recommend you give it a go. You will not be short for inspiration from Charm's wonderful DT. Thanks for the inspiration for my layout Belinda!

Happy scrapping peeps!

I love this man .. with Off The Rails Scrapbooking

The challenge this month at Off The Rails Scrapbooking was right up my alley .. watercolours.

I love this man

This layout started out on this piece of kraft cardstock but ended in disaster. I threw it to the side of my desk to dry off. I was playing with my new Ken Oliver Color Burst watercolours for the first time. Next up I tried what is recommended, watercolour paper. Into the trash went a piece of 12x12 Prima watercolour paper. There was something of a mess happening on my desk. I used the other side of the kraft cardstock I'd tossed to the side to mop it up and voila. I kinda really liked it.

Although not what I originally had in mind, I love how this came together and I'm thankful for this month's Off The Rails Scrapbooking challenge. It was the impetus I needed to get out my Color Bursts and have a play.

If you think you'd like to give this month's challenge a go, you can find all the details you need HERE. Happy scrapping!

Monday, March 14, 2016

We 3 rock .. with Show Us Your Stuff

So I'm still trying to find my scrapping mojo. I tried scrapping this photo yesterday when my buddies Cindy and Ros were over. You would think that with those two 'creatives' in the room my mojo would be flowing. Nope. It was excruciating. Seriously. LOL.

I was still determined to scrap this photo today though, if it killed me. Well .. you know what I mean! So I did. I had a few ideas come to me whilst I was sleeping and voila ..

We 3 rock

I was inspired by the sketch at Show Us Your Stuff this month. I've used stitching on the sides of my layout to represent the layers on the sketch, and photo corners as triangles. Plus a lot of mixed media. I'm so glad some of the techniques I've used came to me in my sleep and, that I was able to remember them!

a few close ups of my layout ..

I'm stoked with how this layout came together. I feel like I'm starting to remember how to scrap 'my way' again. 'Tis a good feeling and, I hope, bodes well for the future LOL! Although in about ten days I'll be hitting the books again. What's the bet my mojo comes back in bucketloads when I'm supposed to be studying! Murphy's Law!!!

Anyways, if you love the Show Us Your Stuff sketch as much as I did, you can find this month's challenge over HERE.

Happy scrapping!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Me @ 47 .. with 123

The 123 challenge has always been one of my favourites, but like so many other challenges, one I haven't had the opportunity to do. I hope with a bit more balance in my life this year, that will change. So this month, the challenge was "red + 'lovely' + hearts" ..

Me @ 47
123 challenge
some close ups ..

I haven't been scrapping so much lately. Not since my Scrapbooking Memories magazine Masters year came to an end. I've been studying a Dual Cert IV in Mental Health and Disability. We did the majority of our mental health units towards the latter half of the course and I found them pretty hard going at times, dredging up the pain of the past. Sadly, I figured out that despite everything I've been through to heal, I'm still angry, at 47. Angry and sad.

Now, with the use of mindfulness, after dams of tears and weeks of bleak days, I realise that I can live with the anger. I'm the one in control of my emotions and 'angry' is just as valid as 'happy'. Its what we choose to do with our emotions that matters most. So I guess I'm going to live with the anger, not let it define me, and move on. At least until I start the next phase of my study LOL .. a Dual Diploma in Counselling and Community Services Work. Just kidding. Not about the study. But this time I'm prepared for the triggers. So yeah, despite the warm, fuzzy feeling of this month's 123 challenge, this is what I came up with. For me, it says it all and was cathartic to get down on paper.

Anyways if you think you'd like to give the challenge a go, and there is time (its a leap year people!), check out their latest challenge HERE.

Happy scrapping peeps!!!

Be .. with More than Words

I was inspired by the More than Words challenge to create this layout. This month's challenge is about all things sparkly and the word 'wonderful'. I figured I could work with that ..

More than words challenge ..
a few close ups ..

Once up a time, mindfulness saved my life. Whilst I don't practice it every day anymore, I do still use it to get through difficult times, going to the dentist and getting through lengthy MRIs. LOL I meant the latter two genuinely! I'm hoping to find more balance in my life this year so I can practice meditation and mindfulness every day again. So, also knowing how much Buddhism intrigues me, and how much these garden statues (I have two) mean to me, GB, ever so very thoughtfully, one day, took photos of them for me. Like lying on the granite ground to get great shots of them, for me. Yep my GB is a sweetheart. Hence the hearts. They're symbolic of my spiritual heart and also how much love I have for my GB. Plus, conveniently, they sort of mirror the the shape of the flowers.

Anyways, enough of my rambling! There is still time to get this challenge done. Remember folks, its a leap year! For all the details of the latest challenge at More than Words pop on over HERE.

Happy scrapping peeps!